Harms (2013)

Director: Nikolai Müllerschön 

Cast: Heiner Lauterbach, Friedrich von Thun, Axel Prahl, Martin Brambach, Blerim Destani, André Hennicke, Benedict Blaskovic, Valentina Sauca, Helmut Lohner, u.v.a.

Producers: Heiner Lauterbach & Nikolai Müllerschön 

Script: Nikolai Müllerschön 


After 16 years Harms is released from prison. He makes new friends and destiny welds them together and meets Jasmine, a whore, for whose services he does not have to pay.

Then a new opportunity turns up, it is like winning the lottery, the chance he has waited for his whole life, the real big thing.  The German Bundesbank. Meaning 70 to 100 millions over the weekend.

A former board member of the Bundesbank has come up with the plan and he has an insider in the bank, without whom the whole thing would not be feasible. Harms hires his old friends, the people he trusts the most. Harms, the experienced professional knows that such an amount of money cannot be removed in such little time so he restricts himself to a third of the amount. More than enough loot, Harms thinks ...

HARMS is a tough film, a German gangster movie, thrilling and sinister. A movie that confronts the viewer with values which are offered cheaply these days.